Jun 30, 2009

Google Books Download Now Very Easily

Google Books is a really cool service from Google that has hundreds of thousands of books, magazines and newspapers scanned into digital format. You can access many of the books from free and others you can view portions of.
Unfortunately, there is currently no way to download a copyrighted book from Google Books, you have to view it online. The other annoying thing is that you can’t even print all the pages in the book! You have to go page by page and print them out.

That’s all a pain in the butt. A better way would be to simple download the entire thing from Google and read it on your own in PDF format. Luckily, someone else has thought of this and wrote an application for it.
Google Book Downloader is a free small utility that allows you to save a book as a PDF from Google Books to your local computer.
Here’s how you use the program to get books onto your computer:
Step 1: Go ahead and start up the application and paste in the book code for the book you want to download. This is simply the ID number that you see in the URL when viewing that book:
download google books[5]
Step 2: Once you type in the code, press the Check button and the existence of the book will be verified and all pages will be retrieved.
Step 3: Then press Download entire book and all pages will be downloaded. Note that this can take a bit of time.
google books downloader
Overall, the program works very well and allows you to download the available pages for a copyright book. Note that it will not download the entire book, just the pages that are previewable. Enjoy!

Jun 25, 2009

How Trace a Mobile Number

he Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has divided India  into various cellular zones. The first four digits of the Mobile number is called MSC code. MSC stands for Mobile Switching Centre which is the equivalent of a Exchange in Fixedline. Telecom Authority allocates MSC to each operator according to their requirements.

You may want to track a mobile number just to know the operator and state name as some mobile operators offer Free Calls on the same network. Just visit wikipedia's webpage on Mobile telephone numbering in India to track any mobile number upto the level of its mobile operator and state (or zone). Alternatively, you may visit this website which claims to search over 76 crore Indian mobile number details and is frequently updated.

Let us know your thoughts too on such services and other frequently updated website which offers tracking mobile number in India.

Trace the Mobile No. Website Click here

Jun 24, 2009

Microsoft's New Morro Download

Microsoft has released its own Antivitus product called as Morro and they call is Microsoft Security Essentials and I decided to give it a try. So the first step I did was to Uninstall the antivirus I have already and reboot my computer. In case you plan to use it, make sure after downloading it, this is firsts tep you follow too.

What is Microsoft Security Essentials ?
  • Its basically an Antivirus Program which protects you against viruses and spyware, including Trojans, worms and other malicious software.
  • It promises of no costs or annoying subscriptions to keep track of.
  • Promised to be Light weight and lot of silence as most of things will be handled by it in background and will not prompt you unless reuired ( We will check this more closely ).
The First look :
Installation was simple and so is the interface. There is not much of options to configured actually. The default settings are more then enough unless you would really get into and find out what more is available.
The first thing it will do is update with latest Anitvirus and spyware definition files.

Morro update definitions of antivirus
Looking at the Settings :
One thing you should realize is that Morro is just an Anti virus and not a whole suite which can configure firewall and Internet securities and other things.  It can provide you
  • Real time protection, scan archive files, create system restore point
  • You can exclude programs and files that can be skipped to be tested by the antivirus.
  • Choose default actions when a virus or spayware is detected.

Morro Settings
My Thoughts :
Morro is pretty light database. Not heavy on system and worth using it. I am pretty sure its scanning capabilities are good but in case I do find something odd, I will let you know.
Like I said its not a complete security pack. Security meaning not only Antivirus but also Internet Security, Filewall security etc. Nod 32 Antivirus had been playing both the roles perfectly.
My Next Move :
  • Running Morro and ESET NOD32 Security Program together to find how it works together.
  • Do some more virus detection test, Manav will be helping me in this.
  • There are couple of more ideas to test this out.
I will let you know more on this.
Morro has a limit of downloads which will be soon exhausted. So if you are seeing this post now just download it now.