Apr 13, 2009

Free Hollywood Movies in Five Sites

One of the best ways to relax from the hectic work schedules and stressful days is to watch movies. And that too if we get chance to watch the movies without going to a movie theatre then it is more comfortable. Especially on the weekdays if you want to see a movie after work, then watching movies online is the best way. So here are the few best web sites that offer high quality/divx quality movie streams online for free.

Watch Movie is one of my favourites as it has a huge collection of movie streaming database and excellent community support to pick the right streaming links. You can find free streaming of almost every new Hollywood movie on this web site.
The movie rating system of
This website is very unique compared to other movie streaming site because
  • Multiple Source: The site provides links to multiple movie streaming sources. If one movie stream is not working properly you can switch to the other stream.
  • Movie Rating: The rating of movie provided on the site are very accurate and they give you a hint on whether a movie is good enough to spend your valuable time or not.
  • Movie Stream Rating: Each movie streamed on the site has multiple source and each source is rated based on the availability and quality parameters. So you are well informed to choose a good quality stream once you land on the home page of a movie stream.
The movie steam source rating system of has a good collection of DivX quality movies that appeal to wide range of audience. At Joox you can not only watch your favourite Hollywood movies of different categories(Animation, Cartoon, documentary, etc) but also you can watch Bollywood Movies and TV Shows.
 Visit  for free high quality hollywood movie streams
Joox does not host any of the movies streamed on the site. All the movies are hosted on, a YouTube like video sharing website for high quality videos.
In order to view movies on Joox, you need to install a plugin from stage6. Joox is definitely a reliable source for watching Hollywood movies online. is another good website to watch latest Hollywood movies. Along with movie 66Stage has an up to date collection of high quality streaming TV Shows, Documentaries, Comedy Shows, Anime, Cartoons.
Like this website also does not have community support.
Visit for free high quality hollywood movie streams

Love to watch classic Hollywood movies? This is the site which you should bookmark. emol has an excellent collection of classic movies and TV shows.
Visit for free classic english movies
Like the type of movie streams available on emol, the web design is also very classic. The layout and structure of emol website is very classic(like websites of 90s). So you may find little difficult to identify where to identify the movies and play them.

Movie Rumor is another good source for latest Hollywood movie online streams.This site also hosts links to multiple sources of a same movie so that we can switch the streams if one fails.
Visit for free high quality hollywood movie streams
These are the top 5 of best free high quality movie streaming source we are able to identify on the internet. If any of your favourite movie streaming web site is missing in this list please let us hear through comments.