Jun 25, 2009

How Trace a Mobile Number

he Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has divided India  into various cellular zones. The first four digits of the Mobile number is called MSC code. MSC stands for Mobile Switching Centre which is the equivalent of a Exchange in Fixedline. Telecom Authority allocates MSC to each operator according to their requirements.

You may want to track a mobile number just to know the operator and state name as some mobile operators offer Free Calls on the same network. Just visit wikipedia's webpage on Mobile telephone numbering in India to track any mobile number upto the level of its mobile operator and state (or zone). Alternatively, you may visit this website which claims to search over 76 crore Indian mobile number details and is frequently updated.

Let us know your thoughts too on such services and other frequently updated website which offers tracking mobile number in India.

Trace the Mobile No. Website Click here