Mar 22, 2009

How To Uninstall GrooveMonitor.exe

GrooveMonitor is a service utility that tracks groove behavour and creates reports for error reporting to MS (what else does it report?). It loads on startup. It gets installed when you install Office 2007. However it doesn't get uninstalled when you uninstall Office 2007. GrooveMonitor starts upon Windows startup (via registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run).
To remove GrooveMonitor from your machine you have to go to Control Panel and then select Add/Remove programs. GrooveMonitor is one of the displayed applications. Uninstall it from there. That should do it for any normal windows program. Not surprisingly Microsoft himself often violates this basic principle (which surprisingly would give you more control over their crappy [pardon my French] software), and GrooveMonitor will still load on startup.
You can however use msconfig to prevent it from coming up on Windows startup.
1. Go to Start menu and click Run
2. Type msconfig and press Enter.
3. Go to Startup tab and then uncheck any reference to "groovemonitor"
4. Reboot
Note: Some malware may also camouflage themselves as GrooveMonitor.exe, particularly if they are located in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folder.
GrooveMonitor is currently owned by Microsoft Corporation.