Mar 25, 2009 The online face of Digit magazine.

Hello guys, today while surfing i came across good site for us It is similar to DIGIT magazine. Digit magazine is the number one tech magazine in India. There are various sections like Product reviews, Downloads, Digital Market, Videos etc. From all the sections i like Product Reviews and Downloads.

Product Reviews: In this section you can find different reviews on various products. The reviews are done by experts, so you can finally get the best product available in the market. Reviews are on Laptops & PCs, Mobiles, PDA, MP3 players etc. So, if you want to know best product in market just visit the Product section.

Downloads: In this section you can find the best softwares. And you can find softwares for all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux etc. So if you want to find good softwares for your system visit the Donwload section

There are other intresting sections like Tech Q&A, Poll, Videos etc. And the most intrestion section is the Forum. I guess you all know Forums its a discussion section where you are get help from others. Once you got involved into that forum I’m sure you will become a tech boss among your friends. In this discussion forum there is a section called "By Demand" where you can request softwares, games etc.

There is a classified section in which you can give free classified ads. is the online face of my favorite DIGIT magazine. Digit magazine is the number one tech magazine in India as per the latest IRS survey.